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Tennessee Estate Planning Lawyer Helps Clients Plan for the Future

Highly responsive Clarksville attorney guides you through the probate process

Eric M. Bittner, Attorney at Law believes that everyone should plan for the future through effective estate planning. When you come to me for help, I carefully explain all of your options and the effect that they will have on your estate. Since 1995, I have worked with clients in the Clarksville area to help them create plans that work for their unique situation. I also assist families with probate after the death of a loved one by guiding the personal representative of the estate through each step of the process.

Helping you pick the right estate planning tools

Regardless of how much property and how many assets you own, an estate plan provides cost-effective and practical benefits while giving you peace of mind. Using a variety of tools, I help clients ensure that their assets will be distributed or used in the way that they want after they die. My experience assisting clients in a variety of estate planning areas includes:

  • Wills. A will states your wishes in the event of your death, including who should receive each of your assets. It also appoints another adult of your choice to act as personal representative (executor) to carry out your wishes and probate your estate, if necessary. I make sure that your will meets your unique needs and is legally sound to prevent any problems further down the road.
  • Trusts. A trust can be used to protect your assets, prevent heirs from becoming targets for con artists, take care of a sick relative or even support a worthwhile charity. I can help you create the right type of trust to ensure your assets are used in the way that you want.
  • Inheritance and estate tax planning. Depending upon the size of your estate, it may face significant tax liability. I can help you understand estate and death taxes and advise you on ways to protect your loved ones from excessive liability.

Estate planning is also the right time to create a living will, which states your wishes regarding end-of-life treatment, as well as powers of attorney, which appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to communicate. I work to ease your worries about the future by helping you plan ahead.

Handling the Tennessee probate process from start to finish

Before relatives can inherit property, the decedent’s will must usually go through probate, a legal process in which the will is validated, which may take six months or more. I help the personal representative of the estate by providing skilled, knowledgeable and cost-effective estate administration services. I work with you through the entire process of probating and settling the estate, including:

  • Seeking alternatives to probate when possible
  • Determining which property is exempt from probate
  • Assisting with the location and valuation of assets
  • Handling paperwork and court documents
  • Distributing property to heirs

Additionally, when a will or trust is challenged, I represent clients in all matters of probate litigation. I regularly help clients deal with factors affecting the validity of a will or a trust, such as undue influence or questionable will changes.

Trust a loyal Tennessee attorney with your estate plan or probate matter

Whether you want to ensure that your family is taken care of once you are gone or you are working to settle the estate of a loved one who has passed away, I am dedicated to helping you find solutions that work for your family. To schedule a consultation with Eric M. Bittner Attorney at Law, call my Clarksville office at 931-648-1234 or contact my firm online.

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